Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another BB 14 - Eastern LI

This boat - built in 2006 - was listed for $36,500 on Yachtworld.  Looks to be very nicely done.  North River 2, of course, is 25 years old and has got some bumps and bruises.  But L Francis Herreshoff included it in his Sensible Cruising Designs collection.  And I have certainly cruised it - seven years on the Hudson - with two trips a year to City Island beginning and end), lots of sailing down to NY harbor from its George Washington Bridge marinas.  Plenty of hours under sail and lots under power pushing back up against a 3 knot ebb - almost all of it diligently recorded in the log books


bonnie said...

Well, shoot. I seldom find myself actively wishing I had $36,500 that I didn't know what to do with, because now I do know.

George Conk said...

Bonnie -

My Buzzards Bay 14 is moored at City Island. You could get a ride on that one for free.

- George