Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene: Storm Warnings : The New Yorker

Jim Cantore, of the Weather Channel, in Battery Park.
Photograph: The Weather Channel/Getty Images.
Weather channel syndrome - its meaning for our time.
Global warnings: a taste of things to come? - GWC

by Adam Gopnik - the New Yorker
"We happened to be seeing out the summer on Cape Cod last week, thinking we’d come home Sunday, when news that the hurricane was on its way first got around. We blessedly don’t have the Internet or a television in the house we rent up there; you get your news by biking down to the local grocery store for the paper or just by hearing what’s up on the beach—or, when the satellite decides to pass over in a good mood, from the occasional snatch of info you can grab from your iPhone. Talking round with friends, it sounded like Sunday would be mighty rainy and windy and that it would be prudent to come home sooner. Since traffic is always horrific coming home from the Cape on Saturday, we decided to drive back Friday night."

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