Monday, September 19, 2011

Star Class Centennial Regatta - Larchmont

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Larchmont Yacht Club hosted the Centennial Regatta of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association.  Over 100 boats competed - 98 moderns, 9 wood, and 13 classics in four days of racing.  The legendary keel boat - recently bounced from the Olympics in favor of X-games type hot racers - is the favorite of world champion sailors like Torben Grael and Paul Cayard.
I got lucky today on my way back from the Indian Harbor Classics race in Greenwich.  I found myself motoring west on North River as the Star fleet beat to windward on the Long Island Sound.  Here is the link to the shots I took.  And HERE is the link to shots by a pro. Video below.


Anonymous said...

Great shots George! Thank you for sharing.

T Ciantra said...

Thanks for the photos George, they are gorgeous.

As you may (r may not know) the first Star class race was held under the auspices of the Harlem Yacht Club on City Island. You can look it up!