Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Warm Hands - Issuma

Richard Hudson has advice here on how to keep your hands warm and dry.
He says that when he actually handles lines he does not wear gloves.  Not even 3/4 length finger gloves??  As usual practical advice.

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Richard Hudson said...

No, not even 3/4 length fingerless gloves :).

I don't bother with fingerless gloves because they don't last long (if one sails a lot), so one needs to keep buying more of them, and they are only available in yachting areas (which rules out many of the most interesting places in the world to sail).

I find that cheap leather or cotton/leather work gloves (available everywhere) work well enough for handling ropes if one wants to avoid getting calloused hands. Wearing no gloves and using any kind of hand lotion (when not sailing) to soften the resulting callouses also works.