Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Giulio Verne Lays Power Cable Beneath the Hudson - NYTimes.com

I was mystified by the strange ship 100 yards off shore at 56th street where I first spotted it, as I made the left off the Henry Hudson parkway.  The Times has identified the craft: the Giulio Verne, an Italian cable-laying ship. Owned by Prymian Powerlink, its specifications show it is 133 meters, 8,800 tons, and uses 15 - 20 tons of fuel per day when under way on the open sea.  It is inching its way to Edgewater New Jersey to connect the New Jersey power grid to New York's - to help wean the state from dependence on the Indian Point nuclear plant.  Powerbridge, LLC  is doing the job.  They also ran a cable from Sayreville, NJ to Levittown on Long Island - 65 miles.  Another project will bring power from Maine to Boston and south.
The Times article tells the story of the diver working below, and the excellent coffee and food served on the Italian ship.  Stop by when they get to Jersey - maybe they'll have a panettone left over from Christmas.  They'll surely have Illi espresso.  They can pick that up at Zabar's.
Crew Lays Power Cable Beneath the Hudson - NYTimes.com:
Update: I got some shots from 79th Street where the ship is moored now. HERE they are.

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