Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Closer Who Transcends Fan Loyalty - George Vecsey

The Closer Who Transcends Fan Loyalty - George Vecsey:
The best thing, maybe the only thing, to do about Mariano Rivera’s injury is to give thanks – not necessarily in the spiritual sense, as he is surely doing in his pain and shock, but in the humanistic sense for having seen the best relief pitcher in history in our lifetime.
What a joy, what a privilege, for all of us to watch him play, to know that nobody was ever this good, this long, this consistently, this overwhelmingly, at that task of saving games.
Numbers hardly count. He might be the highest example of sheer excellence in the American majors in our lifetime -- a phenomenon, one of a kind.  Marilyn Monroe. Abraham Lincoln. Mo. 
Seeing Mo, bounding out of the bullpen with that athlete’s stride, one did not have to be a Yankee fan to love it.

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Let's not forget Mohammed Ali