Tuesday, October 30, 2012

City Island YC Dock wrecked - again

City Island Y.C. reports that for the second year in a row (last year it was Irene) our pier has been destroyed:
While CIYC indeed took a hit, we stand luckier than some of our neighbors. Swamped buildings, boats floating or blowing off their stands, boats and docks simply floating away, fires, and on - all within a mile of us. The volume and power of churning sea pushed into Eastchester Bay by relentless storm winds, and half-way up the sides of the Clubhouse, was astonishing and overwhelming in every sense of those words. Around the time of C.I. low tide Monday evening, 6:46 PM, King's Point reported water levels 12.50 feet above the predicted, LaGuardia Airport recorded gusts of 71 mph, and NOAA recorded wave heights of 6 to 9 feet in western Long Island Sound.
Joyce Mulcahy's blog City Island Sailing has shots of the damage.  The wrecked docks below are at our club City Island Y.C.
CIYC After Sandy (click to expand images and for slideshow)

CIYC Before Sandy

CIYC After Irene

After Sandy 
On the east side of the island - by the cemetery - just north of Barron's Boatyard

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