Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elwyn's Wharf

The Salt Pond Rd. crosses the Meduncook River from Friendship to Cushing, Maine.  Off-season Mr. Huper stores his traps on the salt pond side of the stone causeway bridge.  His wharf, and old landing, are across the road on the Friendship side of the river.  It is the last navigable point on the Meduncook - and only at mid to high tide.  Today we are two days after the full moon. (94% of full - waning gibbous)
All but the last shot is taken at lower  high water, predicted to be 10.2 feet.  Last night the predicted high was 11.68 feet just before midnight.  The wharf has been swamped, carrying away decking, and one of the stringers.  
The old rail-way, cradle, anchor, and winch house are a bit of industrial archeology.  Part of the cradle is the now crumbling gate.
But don't be misled.  This is not a defunct operation.  Modern cranes and trucks have made the old winch and drydock cradle inefficient.  Hundreds of yellow wire lobster traps are stacked across the road waiting for Perseverance, to be loaded on deck, baited and returned to the Muscongus Bay, Gulf of Maine.  - GWC
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The Salt Pond Rd. bridge
The Salt Pond drains into the Meduncook River

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