Monday, July 1, 2013

Philip Conkling: The view from offshore | PenBay Pilot

Brimstone Island, Gulf of Maine - photo by Peter Ralston
Philip Conkling: The view from offshore | PenBay Pilot
"PENOBSCOT BAY — This past spring, a close friend who turned 60 invited us to his birthday destination celebration at the remote end of one of smallest Hawaiian Islands. But feeling penurious at the end of a colder than average winter, we suggested we would instead organize an island birthday adventure closer to home, which we held this past weekend.
It was a reunion for three of the principals, with assorted wives and children and a pair of dogs that are apparently too sensitive to be boarded ashore. The three of us had known each other for all of our adult lives. We had helped each other through the death of a spouse, child-rearing, several divorces, career changes, and a life changing illness; in short, through all the really critical times of our lives and had emerged, if not wealthier, hopefully a little wiser"...
Seal Island - photo by Peter Ralston

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