Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vestas Wind wrecked on a reef in Indian Ocean - Volvo Ocean race

The crew of Volvo Ocean Race team Vestas Wind has abandoned ship after striking a reef in the Cargados Carajos Shoals, some 200nm northeast of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.The Danish crew was evacuated by a local Coast Guard rib.
Things got worse - the keel bulb snapped off and the boat tilted more. With the stern section breaking off and the deck folding they took to the life rafts!
How could it happen?  Well, apparently they are invisible at night and the navigable software is not that good according to this report from Scuttlebutt.

“Vestas Wind navigator Wouter Verbraak is one of the best, and firmly falls into the category of a superb yachtsman and navigator. He is one who understands the strengths and limitations of digital tools more than most will ever do. And one of the nicest guys in the sport to boot.

“Mistakes happen. Just glad they are all safe and uninjured.”

High and Dry on the reef.
high and dry

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