Sunday, January 17, 2016

South with Shackleton Solo| TotalBoat Show

Henry Worsley bioDAY 65 | -15°C all day – crazy beautifulShackletonShackleton Story

Why is always the question when people undertake this sort of thing: Henry Worsley trekking solo across the Antarctic landmass.  After a 36 year career in the British Army Henry Worsley (perhaps inspired by the Aussie Frank Worsley a legendary Antarctic explorer) has undertaken that project.  He is halfway across.

Today - Day 65 he has passed the south pole and is moving downhill. He managed 15.5 miles:

In crazy temperatures of just -15°C, Henry spends much of a difficult day shrouded in whiteout and progress is limited as a result. But he does get a taste of proper descent late in the day – and ends up playing cat and mouse with a sledge that’s finally taken to the glide. The pressure is now on to pick up the pace and rack up the mileage each day.Follow him at Shackleton Solo
South with Shackleton | TotalBoat Show

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