Saturday, July 16, 2016

Issuma: The End of the Voyage

Richard Hudson has completed  his circumnavigation of the Americas (via Greenland, Antarctica, and Capetown) at Norfolk, Virginia.  The last leg? Two months and 5,000 miles single-handed.
After almost two months at sea and more than 5,000 miles, Issuma reached Norfolk, Virginia. This was both my longest passage and my longest singlehanded passage. 

The trip started with great winds, and was very easy up to the ITCZ (Doldrums). The ITCZ was not difficult, just a little less than very easy. The last third of the trip, when the wind went light while near the Bermuda high, was much more exercise. Light winds made self-steering more difficult, and slowed the boat down in the hot, sunny weather. I put aluminum foil inside the pilothouse windows to lower the inside temperature (lots of clear windows are nice for bringing in warmth in Antarctica, but not so nice in the tropics). "
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- George

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