Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vendee Globe - approaching the Cape Verde Islands

Hugo Boss route through the Cabo Verde Islands
Approaches to the Cape Verde Islands blue wind shadows stretch 280 km
Yellow marks wind acceleration
One week out Brit Alex Thomson leads the 29 boat Vendee Globe fleet, threading his way through the Canary Islands, approaching the doldrums (the ITCZ - inter-tropical convergence zone).

Avarie à bord de Initiatives Coeur
Tanguay De Lamotte (Save the Children) is the only one to have suffered major damage.  His carbon fiber mast snapped a foot from the top.  Now he's got a sail wrapped around the keel as he tries to make his way to a safe harbor for repairs.  This being the Vendee Globe he has to do it himself,  Bonne chance.

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