Tuesday, October 22, 2013

`Rock the dock' for Dylan Gold - Port Clyde thanks Life Flight of Maine

Fishing towns are no strangers to tragedy.  It is the most dangerous job, after all.  In 2005 a trawler from Port Clyde, Maine went down in rough seas.  Only one survived.  At the iconic Marshall Point lighthouse the town built a memorial to all those from the St. George port lost at sea.  Eleven men's names are carved into the black granite.Its annual `rock the dock' party raises money to maintain the memorial.  But this year it honored Dylan Gold and the funds were raised for the medical helicopter service Life Flight of Maine and the local St. George ambulance squad. The event was held under a huge tent at the wharf of the Mohegan Boat Line where an out of control car wrought havoc last summer, careening down the dock, killing nine year old Dylan Gold of Massachusetts, and severely injuring his mother and two others.  The Courier Gazette reports: 
More than $30,000 was raised with a final amount still being tallied. Fishermen donated more than 2,000 pounds of lobster to serve the more than 1,000 people who attended. There also was roast pig, oysters, and salads, side dishes and desserts aplenty.
Musical entertainment was provided by Country Choir and Maine Rockets.
The largest stack of cooked lobsters and the longest baked goods table ever seen were prominent features.  And no one hunched over an iPhone in the huge tent!

Have a `Dami' river, a North Haven, and a Virginia.  Then come back for more!

the Country Choir band

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